D​.​Phillips - Ivan Drago

by D.Phillips [Prod.Zevex & 2L]

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Esta vez DLa7 publica su primer Track inédito este 2014
teniendo el placer de colaborar con el Mc D.Phillips
y a su misma vez con el BeatMaker 2L.BoomBap
en el Beat junto a Zevex.

Track grabado en Souledad por 2L
Mezcla y mastering por Zevex en DLa7

7.Love para tod@s y que lo disfruten!
- Letra:
I had issues to stay focused now I'm sniping rappers,
My third eye is the haarp project, yall think backwards,
I'm looking at this dolla bill,
Tactics to run the place homie now I'm ready to kill,
Actually no food on my plate so I'm ready to steal,
Build my way to the top I wanna see me momma chill,
The realest shit I ever wrote,
Eternal like wax,
Or Daddy Kane, busting out quotes,
Not busting out gats, That shit aint funny for you to quote,
If I had to use a gun I wouldnt be writting notes,
Wouldnt be here for sho,
I saw the light and I came back for mo,
Raw fish I'm benihana,
This rap game looks like a tank full of piranas,
The industry throws meat they all bitting,
Blinded, we're all behind black like joe biden,
Theres no scaping once you hit the pavement,
Were going ape shit in my basement,
Youre either dead or in the state pen,
I move minds with my statement,
You move lines for the paycheck,
I check mate chakkras and stay basic,

If he lives he lives if he dies he dies, (x4)

I stay basic, black hoodie and black asics,
Black soul cuz I came from a meeting with satan,
He told me he had sons and daughter deciding my fate,
Fuck love now I'm going to hate,
Get a taste of that base,
Put it un the bag and sell it for papes,
The only way to be straight is to be dead nowadays,
I'm trying to breath,
Trying to sleep insomniac,
No more nightmares and dreams,
These rapping scheme's like a movie and it seems that is moving,
I throw punches and bite ears another ace under my sleeves,
My competition is me,
Trying to knock out my ego,
Fuck Im trying to eat,

Ivan Drago...


released February 18, 2014



all rights reserved